Oliebollen 2019

Posted on January 09 2019

Thanks to the volunteers, for their commitment to make this day possible; there was a lot of work and stress again.

A pleasant long day, now with a surprise Berghaan sensei present, actually for an oliebol but participated with the kendo taikai ippon shobu meritorious,
then lunch and oliebollen and gikeiko.
For the first time naginata gikeiko against kendo or kendo against naginata, for our neighbors and for Nami Kai members it was something new, I hope that everyone has enjoyed it.
This year added something new; it was an idea of Stefan to put together two teams, the number of participants can amount to 10 participants per team or more.
We hope to welcome more participants for next year.

Ippon shobu taikai exchange trophy
Jerko Morbée from Enmei-Ryu

The kihon waza taikai exchange trophy
1st place Nami Kai team Finn & Max
2nd place Nami Kai team Dwight & Jonas
3rd place Sei Shin Kan team Bas & Miki

More photo's in the photoalbum.

ABKF Kendo Seminar 2019

Posted on December 22 2018

Mission succes for Nami Kai Jonas and Max passed their nidan in Brussels.
The sustained dent of 6 years ago is recovering, slowly but surely there will be quality within Nami Kai.
Congratulations to both!

Happy Christmas & Merry 2019

Posted on December 19 2018


Feb 23 2019 

Spring break (dojo is open)

Feb 23 2019 


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Apr 27 2019 

May vacation (dojo is open)

Jul 06 2019 

Last training before summer break

Jul 08 2019 

Summer break

Nov 30 2019 


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Featured : Shinai maintenance

Posted on Nov 25 2013