Christmas 2017

Posted on December 25 2017


The last training of the year is over. We wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Enjoy the holiday, the 6th of january we will start with the new years Oliebollen Tai Kai!

See photoalbum "Christmas 2017" for more photos.

ABKF Winter seminar 2017

Posted on December 25 2017


A successful weekend in Brussels, during the Hirakawa winter budo seminar we have 3 new shodan's:
Dennie Nuijten shodan kendo
Jonas van Vucht shodan iaido
Max Krens shodan iaido

Now Hans for his nidan iaido, then 2018 will be a good year for Nami Kai.

See photoalbum "ABKF Winter seminar 2017" for more photos.

Sumi sensei seminar 2017

Posted on September 25 2017

4 November. The 4th Sumi sensei kendo seminar with participants from Belgium, Luxembourg and Taiwan. Vietnam was also present and watchful.
Another successful seminar with a lot of tai-atari training without pushing (with your arms to other parts of the upper body above the stomach is a warning (violence)) and a lot of training in suriage waza, various Oji waza, omote and ura, techniques. Maybe too much to remember.
Next year will also be fun, 5 years Sumi sensei and 40 years Nami Kai, maybe there will come more kendo sensei's to Middelburg, Harada sensei and Kakehashi sensei (former WKC one of the top kendoka's from Japan) from Fukuoka both from the Police.
Pay close attention to our NK website for more info.

See photoalbum "Sumi sensei seminar 2017" for more photos.


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Ukraine budo seminar

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Charkiv Cup and summer camp

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Last training before summer break

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Summer break

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Kodokan kendo seminar with Sumi sensei

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