Charkiv Cup July 2019

Posted on June 21 2019

It's already over, a weekend kendo seminar followed by the international Charkiv Cup.

It's a pity that few countries/dojos participated. Outside of Moldova and its team there were, unfortunately, no other participants. It deserved better.

After years of training, the kendo is on a reasonable level in the former Sovjet countries.


Posted on June 10 2019

Asakeiko with ladies nanadan senseis. It was good to be there again en to have coffee and lunch with Jonas. We did an evaluation on debana kote within 30 seconds. We enjoyed a croissant and a nice cup of coffee. My kendo year is good again!!!

Shiai and acting as referee

Posted on May 28 2019

It's quite a difficult task for beginners to focus on yourself for a shiai en for acting as referee for others.
The responsibility towards others requires that you know the rules on "how to lead a shiai". This will bring clarity for your fellow referees, but mainly for the participants.
Acting indepedently and objectively is quite difficult for beginners and people with dan grades.

I was watching on the side, intervened every once in a while and learned a lot. "kiso" the basic attitude to acting as referee, and maybe reading Holt Sensei's book. I was annoyed by kendoka with a lot of experience who stumbled a lot with their objective opinion. In other words, adhere to correct behaviour and the rules of Kendo.

Andre Raboen



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