NAMI KAI SEMINAR w/ Sumi sensei

Posted on August 02 2018

Dear friends,

For our 40th anniversary in November; our program has been changed kendo naginata iaido will be,
kendo and iaido.
Unfortunately, naginata has been cancelled due to busy work by Sumi Kaoru sensei.

We may welcome the following sensei;
Sumi Masatake sensei hachidan hanshi
Ducarme sensei nanadan kyoshi
Delepierre sensei nanadan kyoshi
Wolfs sensei nanadan kyoshi
vd Zee sensei godan Ned iaido coach

These days we will use the De Sprong sports hall, located at Aanloop 1 (4335 AT) in Middelburg

More info will follow!

The board of Nami Kai

Nami Kai 40 years

Posted on July 08 2018

After a presentation from my daughter about kendo, we were allowed to use the gym of the Carolus primary school for one hour of kendo training.
In addition, over the years I have had kendo and naginata training once a year in Fukuoka at the University of kendo and Junior High School.

There were more sensei's in Japan who helped me with kendo.

Hirakawa sensei, Sato sensei, Matsunaga sensei, Nakano sensei, Kawano sensei, Sekiyama sensei, Kasahara sensei, Furia sensei.

From Yamagata to Okinawa I have been able to train, various kendo techniques with different approaches of / with small differences.

The internship from primary school and college was / is impressive, especially the morning training from 0600 hr to 0730 hr. Children of 6/7 years old then went back to school.

The summer training in Kyushu or in Okinawa (you cooked in your bogu) were quite heavy. They were 7 or 14 day training. It was just like the last training in Fukuoka last year and the last day, as a whipped cream on your apple pie; a day with the police training! The most famous were the chairman of the Fukuoka Kendo Remnei; Harada sensei, and the brothers Kakehashi sensei (ex members of the Japanese kendo team). This was very heavy, especially taiatari just like you hit a concrete wall! auw!

In a nutshell Nami Kai budo past and present.

Andre Raboen

A special thank-you to the sensei and sempai in the photo album "Nami Kai 40 years".

Results exams 30 june 2018

Posted on July 08 2018

4th kyu naginata Max Krens
5th kyu iaido Dwight Sibbald


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