Nami Kai Lustrum 40 and 5 years

Posted on November 12 2018

The lustrum weekend is over with our annual kendo seminar with Sumi sensei. A modest and simple celebration with acquaintances from Belgium and Ukraine.

Just good food and drinks, maybe a little too much of a good thing.

We have learned a lot what you can do with bokuto ni yoru kendo kata keiko ho for your development in kendo. Fortunately not only shiai, but also improve your kendo techniques for a long-lasting quality kendo.

With other words, kihon is not only for beginners but works for your kendo techniques until ............

With this small seminar our 40 and 5 year anniversary was successful.

We are looking forward to the next kendo seminar with Harada sensei nanadan Kyoshi and Hayashiichi sensei nanadan Kyoshi both from the Police Dojo from Fukuoka, coming up next year.

More photo's in the photoalbum.


Posted on October 05 2018

Thanks to Marcin Kubiak of the kendo dojo Lodz for his efforts regarding finding and inform about the nearest kendo dojo. The last minute change on the day itself was quite confusing, from Konin to Griezno.

I was pleased to participate in a kendo training in Poznan, again the same phenomenon; find a parking space and do not try to get lost with your GPS, we looked like Indians, round after round, around the dojo hilarious!
Quote "after 1800 hr there is enough space at the square, not so" we have found one close to the dojo just in time for the training. Despite the beginning of the new season, the spirit was quite high, especially for beginners or newcomers very well. There are small differences but that is the interpretation of..... actually pretty good.
My impression was, very much focused on shiai nothing wrong a good training, I had expected more kihon for the-feeling-of-training, 'training is training' are my thoughts. With a gikeiko you can let the badger loose and apply techniques that you learned during previous trainings.

Thanks to the President Y. Nawrot and his students, especially his sempai very well also the structure of his training nothing wrong with that.

Until the next time and see you in the Netherlands?

Andre Raboen.

Ps I have been allowed to watch. Only the last 20 minutes yes ............. with gikeiko "I am getting old"))

Kodokan seminar 2018

Posted on September 23 2018

On August 31st and the first weekend of September a small delegation went to the Kodokan kendo seminar in United Kingdom (UK).
Cozy stay in a Bed & Breakfast and on Saturday night a Circus theme Sayonara Party!
It was a very educational experience with the focus on ongoing techniques and concentration. The participants also gained experience in acting as an referee.
Our thanks go to Sumi sensei, Tashiro sensei, Kumamoto sensei, Matsuda sensei, Kojiro sensei, Mizuochi sensei and Budden sensei.

More photos in the photoalbum "Kodokan 2018".


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