Iaido day 2018

Posted on May 12 2018

Another succesful Nami Kai iaido day under guidance of
v. d. Zee sensei.
It keeps coming back; "it is the little things". You can dream about it, but performing remains a dream; move to perfection.
A informative day for Nami Kai, thanks to v. d. Zee sensei.

Cambridge and Barlow kendo en naginata April 2018

Posted on April 29 2018

Cambridge and Barlow kendo and naginata April 2018.
A family day in Cambridge with Keishinkan dojo, we can learn a lot from this, a good spirit!
The children did great even with naginata, which were a little bit too big for them, just train and act like nothing was wrong, just go!
Thanks to Mr. Rutten with help at naginata, 10 years ago he was in Middelburg for naginata.
Matt and Eric thanks that I could train with you with kendo in Barlow and in Cambridge.
See you in Middelburg.

More photo's in photoalbum.

12 May Iaido day

Posted on March 12 2018

12 May iaido day with vd Zee sensei.
Naginata and kendo trainings are cancelled.


May 26 2018 

Enmei Ryu Club seminar

Jun 30 2018 


Jul 04 2018 

Charkiv Cup and summer camp

Jul 07 2018 

Last training before summer break

Jul 07 2018 

Summer break

Aug 30 2018 

Kodokan kendo seminar with Sumi sensei

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Posted on Nov 25 2013