12 May Iaido day

Posted on March 12 2018

12 May iaido day with vd Zee sensei.
Naginata and kendo trainings are cancelled.

Kharkiv Feb 2018

Posted on February 27 2018

Winter kendo training in Kharkiv. Here too a beginner can bring a pie for their first kendo training, unfortunately no apple pie but a cherry pie is also good.
Ippon training is not easy everyone has a hard time with that.

More photo's in the photoalbum.

Middelburg dojo

Posted on February 11 2018

Dear members,

From the 1st of March the dojo in Middelburg is open for training. We shall practise kendo from 20:00 to 21:00 hr on thursday-evening.
The address was already sent to the members. The website will also be adjusted.



Basilisk Kendo Cup 2018

Mar 24 2018 


Apr 26 2018 

Ivano Frankivsk

May 12 2018 

Iaido day

Jun 30 2018 


Jul 04 2018 

Charkiv Cup and summer camp

Jul 07 2018 

Last training before summer break

Jul 07 2018 

Summer break

Aug 30 2018 

Kodokan kendo seminar with Sumi sensei

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