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About our society

Nami Kai is a dutch association who train in a number of specific japanese martial arts (budo).

The school was founded in 1976 by André Raboen sensei, who himself studied budo in Japan with Sumi sensei (kendo) and Tanaka sensei (naginata).

We train in the following budo disciplines :

  • Kendo - Japanese fencing
  • Naginata - Japanse hallberd techniques
  • Iaido - Japanese sword techniques
  • Kyudo - Japanese archery
  • Jukendo - Japanese bajonet techniques

Members of nami-kai can train in the following dutch cities :

Breda - Middelburg

Besides the normal training, members of nami-kai attend to (international) events.

If you are interested in joining a training,
please contact the dojo leader of the dojo you'd like to train at.

The Board

Andre Raboen
President & Treasurer

Raboen Sensei is also founder of the Nederlandse Naginata Renmei.

E-mail : secretaris@namikai.nl

Secretary & Webmaster

E-mail : secretaris@namikai.nl

About our logo


The literary meaning of the word Nami is "wave" The fluid, cyclic, continuous movements that waves make, with preservation of energy is comparable with the harmony in movement that we try to achieve in martial arts.

But there is more. In our school the word Nami also stands for transparency and homogeneity. Water, or a group of people are only transparent if all elements are equal and in balance. Nami Kai tries to be a stimulating environment where everybody helps each other.

Ka mon

The logo of Nami-Kai is a redesign of a traditional Japanese familycrest (ka-mon). The symbol represents three waves.



The word "kai" has more than one meaning. It means "place to practice", like a school, but it also means "sea" and in our case a homogeneous group.